Patricio Ferrari


Born in Merlo, Buenos Aires, Patricio left Argentina at the age of 16 to attend high school in the United States as part of the Rotary Exchange Program. Since then he has lived in France, Italy, India, Germany, Portugal, England, and Sweden. He holds a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature from the Sorbonne-Nouvelle, an MFA in Poetry from Brown University, and a Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Lisbon. A polyglot poet, with two forthcoming multilingual manuscripts (Mother’s Tongue in Progress and Elsehere), he has translated poetry from French (Alejandra Pizarnik), Portuguese (Fernando Pessoa, António Osório), English (Frank Stanford, Laynie Browne), and Hindi (Vidrohi). He edited two journals in the United States on Pessoa’s English writings (Tagus Press, 2015 & Gávea Brown, 2018) and published eight editions of Pessoa’s works, including the first critical edition of his Poèmes français [French Poems] (Editions de la Différence, 2014) and Teatro Estático [Static Theater] (Tinta-da-china, 2017). He recently edited and co-translated with Forrest Gander The Galloping Hour: French Poems by Alejandra Pizarnik (New Directions, 2018). He resides in New York City, teaches at Rutgers University, and collaborates with the Endangered Language Alliance, a non-profit organization focused on the linguistic diversity of urban areas throughout the world.

Patricio Ferrari is the son of Graciela Guglielmone, the Institute’s founder.